Ever Listened to Music in the Forest?

Posted by Oly Loop Tour - September 5, 2011 - Music - 68 Comments
Olympic Peninsula Soundtrack

Isn’t music great? Isn’t it also true that great music can take you away from wherever place you find yourself? Imagine leaving the pressures and stresses of life and traveling to a musical forest and water setting within the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. While amongst the euphoric surroundings, you soon discover a new found introspection that leads to self discovery and growth.

Oly Loop Tour’s music comes from its own journey of self awareness and growth while living in the forest and oceanic imagery of the Olympic Peninsula. Each piece of music, has been carefully composed, orchestrated and produced to take you on a musical tour throughout the Olympic Peninsula.

Wherever you are in the world, the music is designed for you to musically experience the ominous rain forests, rugged mountainous terrain, impeding lowland lakes, volatile rivers and isolated beaches of the Olympic Peninsula. During your musical journey, the compositions will stir your emotions to euphoric revelation of self discovery, inspiration and inner peace.

Each song will allow you to musically experience designated towns along the Olympic Peninsula. Olympic Destiny take you on a musical journey of self discovery and growth that concludes on Mt. Olympus; Time Slipped will help uncover buried emotions while living in Ocean Shores; Sunlight will create a leap of personal enlightenment while living in Forks; and Dance of Life concludes in Port Angeles, along Hurricane ridge with the joy and melancholy introspection of committed love.

Let us know your specific experiences and thoughts while listening to Olympic Destiny, Time Slipped, Sunlight and Dance of Life. Enjoy Oly Loop Tour today!


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